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Renewing The Heart Of Our Economy One Product At A Time
 -What Is Just Is Never Beyond Our Means 

We founded Livi & Gus with the goal of doing our bit to renew the Middle Class, the heart of both our economy and our society. Along the way, we also plan to have more fun, explore our creativity, and make new friends.

Our first Livi & Gus brand offering is a superb collection of herbal teas we created as a companion to your day. Each morning, afternoon, and evening our teas are an experience we are sure you will want more of.

We selected the highest quality organically grown herbal ingredients combined in perfect harmony to add energy when you want it, support when you need it, and comfort when it is most important. 

As we grow Livi & Gus’s herbal offerings we also intend to grow our vision for renewing the heart of our American economy, our middle class. Since its inception, the American Dream included respect and support for the Middle Class. When the gap from the top to the middle grew too large, the result was a weakening of institutions that are required for a strong and stable society. We intend to make a difference where it counts, so we made some promises that we think are important. 

First, we promised to create and offer planet-conscious products and services, then, as we grow, we promised we will build our team with full diversity.

Finally, we promise that as we grow and prosper we will share our prosperity with our team. We want Livi & Gus to assure that everyone who is part of creating our story, has access and full coverage for all their health care, child care, and eldercare needs, along with access to education for themselves and their families, financial security as they age and unlimited paid time off. 

We understand that we will not be able to fulfill all those aspirations from the start, What we are saying is that before we distribute our surplus income to our executive team or any outside interest, we will be sure all of our team has the basic benefits of a just economy. 

At the end of the day, we think what we are promising is that Livi & Gus will be a source for what once was a simple middle-class way of life. But things being the way they are, these simple goals seem aspirational now. Well so be it. We are making these promises and we plan to do all we can to encourage other businesses to do the same.

We have a lot more to say.. But First thing First...We promise you, our customers, good value, every consideration, and, oh yes…stories that will please and delight you.